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I thought it had to be about time. Very best of luck, and I'm looking forward to reading the birth story and dare I say a photo?

Again, good luck!


Of course I wish you the best of luck. Actually I thought you had already delivered and were living happily in the afterglow of new baby-ness.

Don't you second guess for one minute the induction, or think that you are being "horrible and selfish". It's just as good for your baby as it is for you to get things progressing. This is for both of you.

And I agree with Ms. Pru: pictures are required.


woo hoo!! good luck! sending easy labor vibes your way. picture please :)


wow! i'm so excited for you! have some fun with the nipple stimulation :)!!


Whoot! Hopefully by now you are holding him and in that blissful state of non sleeping well... bliss. Good luck.


I hope the birth went wonderfully well and that you and your family are having a wonderful time getting to know each other. Can't wait to see photos of the little guy!

victoria winters

Wow! Good luck and please keep us posted!!!

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