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Ok so you finally update, with NO belly pix? come on!


my fella and i settled on a boy's name the day after we found out we were pregnant. we liberally vetoed every girl name the other liked all the way up to delivery, and finally chose our daughter's name just before leaving the hospital. congratulations on the home progress!

victoria winters

FINALLY! I've been waiting to hear from you, girl! :)

So glad you're doing well and expecting a cute little boy. And I really want to see that movie, I just keep forgetting. Thanks for the reminder.


Rachel, I can imagine that may be what it comes to for us: Leaving the hospital, about to face a mob of curious relatives, exhausted, with no fight left, we finally resign ourselves to agreeing on ANYTHING.


Been away so long just checking in only to see the good news. May this have a very happy ending. So happy for you. :)

I read the book Children of Men and am a bit pissed they changed the story so much that I have not seen the film yet. Women were not infertile in the book. Men were. I guess a male star who is infertile didn't wash in Hollywood.


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