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Try ice. :) then morphine ;)

12 weeks. fuck yeah. Rock on mama. rock on.


OH yes, I used to get those. So sorry! I only got them while pg and only once or twice per pregnancy if that makes you feel any better. But so far, it sounds like we are not so different in our pregnancy symptoms - I wish I'd kept a better diary and could tell you. But your morning sickness is very similar to what mine was too. I hate to say it, because this is so petty, but if you miss out on stretch marks and big feet, I'm going to be really jealous!!!

One more thing, because I don't think I've let myself think it yet in a really real way. BUT OMG you are having a BABY!!!!!


12! 12! 12! So thrilled to hear this!


i am really, REALLY happy for you! when i was pregnant i did visualization/labor breathing techniques when i was in pain. it worked sometimes.

victoria winters

Awesome. :)

But sorry about the zits and headache. I have zits now too since going off the Pill. Ugh.


Joie - Many belated congrats!!


I just recently found your blog on babyblograma. Had to drop you a note because we are due on exactly the same day. I'm also 37. Best of luck to you with this one!


Dear Joie, I'm so glad about your news, and your passing of the first-trimester milestone. I hope you're doing well -- if you're up to it, how about a quick update?


My mind is like a bunch of nothing. I've just been letting everything wash over me lately. Oh well. Such is life.

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