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you have no idea how happy i am to see apost from you. i'm glad its going well. i think of you and your blob often....and always sending the very best love and hope your way.
just remember what dory says - just keep swimming.


NOw you know the kids' nickname is going to end up being blob because of this.=) Save the formula cans because you never know when they might come in handy. It's good to have an emergency food supply on hand in case you are gone, all the breastmilk gets eaten by dexter and the baby is hungry.

anne nahm

I am so happy for you :^).


Blob is what I've called my little guy since my very first ultrasound, too. I'm so glad your u/s went well. How can we not protect ourselves after everything? My fingers are crossed for continued good news.


it's good to read this! i'm sending positive thoughts your way.

victoria winters

Lots of love and prayers to you and your little blob!!!!!!!



It's funny - I was reading through my blog subscriptions. Just read the blog of a British pal of mine and learned she's pregnant. Right after I read that, I saw that you'd posted. I thought, "I'll read Joie and hopefully her news will be the same as what I just read."

And damn if it was!

Sending lots and lots of first trimester prayers your way.

As for that formula, you can donate it to one of your local crisis nurseries.


I'm so happy to hear that the good news keeps coming! Do what you need to to get through this tired/anxious time and if that means not blogging then we'll just have to cope. But update as often as you can, because I'm still reading and still wanting all the best for Blob.


Phew. Delighted to hear about the beating heart. Long may it continue.


Congrats!!!! I haven't been keeping up with you and was just wondering how things were going, so I stopped by and got a wonderful surprise! I'm so happy for you!


Just checking in, and hoping you and your blob are doing VERY well!

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