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anne nahm

fingers crossed!


oooh. Clomid challenge. I feel for you my friend! so... let me get this straight.. you're setting up to do IVF next cycle? you do realize that a year ago I was starting mine. I hope it's good juju. Ruby does have good magic... the girl I gave my left over gonal f to got pregnant with those drugs the day Ruby was born... I'll have her send over some Ruby juju for you.


Why are they doing the CCT if you are going to do IVF? Won't the IVF be stimmed on gonal f, repronex or follistim?

Also, see if they can do the mock transfer during the hystersono. One less feet in stirrups experience for you if you can.

Sorry for the dumb clomid questions. I never did clomid but went straight to the injectibles.


Sorry about the repeat of the Clomid Challenge.

And while I don't have any advice on the sonohystogram--would you be willing to do a write up about it afterwards? I'm compiling a list of write ups on my blog for all the common procedures and medications. Calling it Operation Heads Up. The sorts of things that only a personal recount can tell you (as opposed to the three sentences my RE mentions before a procedure). So...er...it would help someone else in the future? Sorry that it wasn't up there already.

My blog is www.stirrup-queens.blogspot.com and you can get to the write ups by clicking on the links on the sidebar under Operation Heads Up.


Wow... a plan! How very cool. I've never heard of doing the CCT if going straight to IVF. Is that because your doing an IUI first? I do so hate Clomid, however my opinion would change greatly if it got me pregnant...hehehe.

Good luck.


Yup. The CCCT is evil--they make you do it yearly when you reach an age. It is supposed to help predict one's response to stims and potential ovarian reserve. The SHG should be easy breezy. They do it in the office. You take doxycyline that day. Hopefully your cervix can handle combining it with the mock transfer and an IUI monitoring appt. There will be drippage from the saline, but they only fill your uterus, and not the tubes--so much less uncomfortable that the HSG. Woohoo!! You are on your way :)


HOly cow, I feel like I need a medical degree to read this blog - or at least the comments. I have no clue what ANY of this stuff means, but I have to say, you ladies know your stuff. They should give you credits towards medical degrees for going through what you all have gone through.

Joie, big hugs and I know it's going to happen for you one way or another. We're here for you and don't be afraid to call if you need to vent or scream or cry. We love you lots and lots and lots! You are the best Auntie ever and I know you'll be an incredible mom.


Sonohystogram. I had two and they weren't so bad. Advice I would give is to tell the doctor and nurse that you are sorry to be such a nervous nellie, but you are sensitive to pain and you'll try to be relaxed and all but if you tighten up it's because you're sensitive and you're trying to be strong and all but could they please go as easy as possible.

I always tell doctors this. There are things they can do to alleviate pain if they are so inclined.

Good luck!

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