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It's gotten so bad with the gift-giving at our house, we just don't. However, I have one off-the-cuff idea that may just suck, I don't know. Anyway, how 'bout a sampler pack of micro-brews?

If I knew I might get a prize, like a handmade wooden puppet, I might think a little harder and longer about this.


. . . so many things *made* of wood--kitchen items, furniture, trinkets. What about getting him a tree? That qualifies as wood, right, living though it will be?


Wood...hmmmm...rayon fabric is made of wood pulp as is paper, so if you're willing to stretch the definition of "wood" I think you could find something. I'll keep thinking.


Of course with my filthy mind I thought "I give my husband wood on every one of our anniversaries". Heh.

How about a nice wooden trinket box to keep change, cuff links, whatever. Every man needs a little place to empty out his pockets.

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