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Oh my goodness. I think you owe him something nice, too. I think I would have a heart attack if I came home to something like that. You're one brave chick for those scary things not to freak you out.


Now, I'm not a priss, either, but that picture is giving me a major case of the huzz. Damn. Why can't snakes have eyelids?!


Aaaaagggggghhhhhhhh! I would have a complete and total breakdown if my cat ever brought something like that home. Luckilly we have no cat door and she gets a visual check at the glass door before she's allowed in. The worst she's ever brought home is a giant moth though. I'm glad she's not the hunter that your Nadia is.


JOie I won't be able to come here again til you've taken that photo down. And your poor husband - I would have been a basket case. I'm off to have nightmares now...

Victoria Winters


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