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Yeah, because telling them to "relax" will make them feel all warm and fuzzy again inside. That would be pretty spooky, though. I also have an account with FF, but Idon't update.


LMAO! ...stealing other peoples' charts! That's the funniest thing I've heard in a very long time. Some people need to get a life!!

I also gotta add that my chart is so fucked up - if you want it, you can have it sweetie. heh.


Give me an f-ing break. Baby dust does have poison in it... that's why avoided it at all costs... and I never ever ever spread it!!!


Hooooo boy. Message boards are always, bar none, the #1 destination for those who love drama. Everything is the biggest deal on earth. It's like everyone sits there, fingers poised over the keyboard, waiting to be offended.

And why the hell would you steal someone's chart? I can't even think of a reason!


Hey that happened to me too! (Not the getting reported part, since I was trying to post my chart on another community I belong to - and everyone else saw their charts, and when they posted theirs I saw mine. I think it's a bug with FF, not anything we did.) Love how people jump to conclusions.

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