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Moxie had a great discussion about this the other day. Here's what I put there:


In regards to Libby -- my husband has a theory that she was actually some kind of recruiter or scout for the Dharma Project -- we've already seen her interact with Desmond and Hurley in two totally different locations with two totally different looks/personalities. But who knows.

I'm also with Bethany in thinking that Pen's dad has something to do with Hanso. Something's a bit fishy there.

Hoping the cute Scottish Desmond comes back as well."


I think Walt has become one of those creepy little kids you are spooked by on television shows. So sad.

Victoria Winters

Good point about Libby and David. I didn't catch that one at all, but I certainly wondered if she was part of the whole scheme when she just happened to have a sail boat to give to Desmond. Hurley WILL become a man - good point. As for Jack and Kate, I wondered the same. They must have a backup plan...or Kate was looking at him like, "so now what!? Where's your big saving us plan!?" *shrug* Guess we'll have to wait and see!

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