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That sweater is beyond adorable. I'm sure it will get a chance to be shown off in the way that it was intended.


Joie I'm so sorry about the miscarriage, and that it's taken me this long to know about it because I've been avoiding people I thought were pregnant. It sounds awful and you sound like you are coping incredibly well. Don't freak out about taking a few months off, of course you need time to grieve and your body needs time to recover. 4 months or so won't make a big difference, even if you are already 36.


That's an extremely sweet sweater! I re-learned to knit last summer and as unhealthy as it probably is for me, I've got quite a large collection of baby-sized hats and sweaters tucked away in a drawer already.

Your dog looks like a total sweetheart, but I know how they can change as soon as they get to the vet. My darling kitty had to be given valium and kept locked in a carrier in a dark room because she almost tore the face off a tech when we left her at the vet hospital for her spaying. This was all before they'd even done anything to her!

Glad you're posting again and glad to see that physical and mental healing is happening for you.

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