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I think that's a great picture. I can't see the tailfeathers but if they're drab it's probably a peafowl. Are there farms near you?


Thanks, Cate! Yes, a little more research taught me that he is a she. Its a peahen. She is obviously used to people, because she is not very nervous around us. We're hoping she'll stick around, but she probably has a home somewhere.


The say peacocks/hens make great "watch dogs", if you didn't have one already.

Ragged Around The Edges

Now you know to keep peacock appropriate food on hand just in case one stops by for a visit. This is all so Dr. Seuss, isn't it?


Cool... may that peacock bring you good things. is Dexter a cat or dog? We have a Dexter kitty.

Love that name.


I read this today, and thought, "what was I thinking? a peaFOWL? I guess they're all peafowls. At least somehow you figured out what I was going for. Hope your peahen isn't foul!


Dexter is a dog...Cat, don't we also have husbands with the same name? Or is that someone else...

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