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1. The whole 'need a script for cold medicine' thing is stupid. Absofuckinglutley stupid. Since it's an OTC, I'm hoping to find out if chiropractors and naturopaths can write this script. If so, call me when you need them. :) I won't make you pay your copay, just meet me for coffee when you fell better !
2. carrying around a fake baby? Um. No. My cats will find that weirder than a real one.
3. Good contractor.. ask me in a few weeks! We are getting a few referrals to have a room skimmed (redoing the drywall basically), and should know some good people soon. Ryan does most stuff around here, but absolutely hates drywall work.


I think the ailment you are referring to in the first paragraph is "man flu". Seriously, for allegedly being the tougher sex illness really puts them out of commission far more than it should.

Also, I would not absorb anything an article said if they advocated pushing a doll around the neighbourhood in a stroller. That's just creepy.


We're going thru the same b.s. here with the cold medicines. I'm thinking the docs are going to be doing some lobbying on that. Do you really think they want to be writing scripts for COLD medicine with all the free time they have? Please, let me just say *scoff*.

You think they'd get you for mock-child abuse if your neighbors saw your "pretend" baby being buried in the yard by the dog?


I laughed out loud at the thought of the doll idea. That's too much. And yeah, what is it with men being total himps when it comes to being sick? My DH is the same way.


I cannot imagine doing all that with a doll - and even before you are pregnant? Wierd. Do animals have memories that long?


Meth is apparently everywhere. I've never understood how kids who couldn't pass fifth grade science can become chemists to make the stuff. It's all in the motivation I guess.
Men's bathroom lines are totally unfair. I, too, have used the men's bathroom (but never one without a lock on the door, that's kind of scary)


More likely than bury it, Dexter would probably shake it vigorously and tear its limbs off.

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