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Remember that time that you and I got into an argument about who could spit further right before your wedding? We ended up going to a grocery store, buying watermelon seeds, and spitting them off the balcony at the hotel. And then you actually hit your future mother-in-law in the head with one? And she could not figure out what happened? And then she ended up with a watermelon seed in her hair throughout the ceremony because you were too embarassed to tell her about it?

Yeah, good times.


thancks four teeching me two spel sew goud. i thinck i waz won of yur bestt stewdents!


U of O, Carson Hall remember? I didn't know cops could run that fast!


Molly: yeah, that was great, and remember at the reception how she was dancing and it flew out of her hair and almost made the best man choke?

DD: Oh yes, I remember you, little DD...always with the nose running...

Jonathan: Weird thing is, I really did eat lunch everyday in Carson my whole freshman year. But, I was never fancy enough to live in high-rise Carson. I was stuck out in Bean, the Wild West of dorm complexes.


Brings back hazy memories,
I suppose you could call me a UofO "legacy", my folks both took their Masters there.

I lived in Carson my sophomore year it was wonderful for my social life but not for studying, so I guess you can call me a perpetual undergrad...


Remember when we were top-secret CIA operatives together? We had to pretend that we were the daughters of a billionaire while at a lavish party in the UAE. What a blast that was! Too bad we had to steal a few top-secret computer tapes in the middle of all the fun.


Hey remember that trip to Hawaii we took as kids? That was such a great trip - I just remember endless days on the beach, the smell of sunblock, Mom and Dad being so nice to each other. I wish we could go back there.

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