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I wish I had something to say that would guarantee 2006 would bring forth all the promises you let yourself believe would happen in 2005. I just hope it does.


After all of that, I can't believe that you've made it through 2005 in one peice, let alone with your sense of humor in tact.

I have only the sincerest hopes that 2006 brings all of your hopes and dreams into reality. May you have a beautiful year, ahead. Hell, you deserve it.


Whew! What a year! Have a Happy 2006!


I am HOLDING my breath because there are still 3 hours left. And my dear son managed to fit in one last emergency room visit for 2005. Whew. I heard that this week's Willy Week has the headline on the front "2005 Sucked". Didn't it though?


Happy 2006. May it bring many, many good things your way.


We've all had some horrible experiences in 2005. I do hope that 2006 - at least once we're into a new chinese year - will be better for all of us.

Off to dig a big hole


That does sound like a crappy year. I'm happy I've gotten to know you this year though. Maybe next year we can actually meet in person. I'm thinking I'll need to do a 2005 year in review... just don't know if I can rightnow.
Fact: sometimes life sucks. sometimes it doesn't.


What a year! I hope 2006 is a much better one for you and is remembered for all the joy it brings into your life.

I was born in the year of the cock too *snicker*

victoria winters

Here's to a much better 2006! Hang in there!

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