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I can sympathize. Most of the time my husband has the TV turned to "Cops" or "American Justice". We watch two shows a week together, "Lost" and "Survivor", and I'm just barely surviving this season's "Survivor."

The recipe looks great! I don't know when I'll try it, but I definitely will.

Ragged Around The Edges

OK, I am coming clean on this. I love the Waltons and I own (not rent) the Waltons: Homecoming which I insist upon watching every single holiday season.

I am so glad to hear that someone else does too. My grandmother used to say, "Crazy loves company."


If he liked "House of 1000 Corpses" he might also like the sequel "The Devils Rejects". Best use of the song Freebird in a killing scene.

Victoria Winters

Dude, that sounds good! I'm digging the whiskey part...I'll try it soon.


My husband has the same horrid taste in movies. We have a Blockbuster Online account, and we have to go every-other-one with our movie picks so that I don't end up having to watch House of Wax (are you kidding me?) or Van Helsing with him. He's fine with it.

I liked Sin City, but probably only because of the lick-licicious Clive Owen. Mmmm.

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