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2nd question first: I will tell any child I have through successful ART that they were made with love. That's it.

Where did I learn about sex? From romance novels, of all things, which considering in the 80's the raciest they ever got was heavy petting before the man married the woman, who was a virgin on the wedding nite. Ha! Whatever!

You never said, what would you tell your child if born of ART?


I found out about sex from the Time/Life books when I was five.... my mom was pregnant, and she told me everything. I was fascinated. :)

I'll tell my kids they were made with lots of love, and I'll tell them about the science t oo. as my friend Johanna says, ART is just a different way of making love.


Good Luck!

Found out about sex way to early from a creepy babysitter. Sad but true.

Will tell my kid er... um... uhhh... well we might wait for the details awhile until they can grasp ovulation induction and blood thinners. Until then we will probably say you are a modern scientific miracle made by mom and dad and a team of really great doctors. True and not so sad.


Good point, DD. I am all about giving as much information as a kid can handle. So, when they are really little it might be something like "We wanted you soooo much, we asked some nice doctors helped us make you at the doctor's office". That would probably satisfy a 3 or 4 yr. old. As they get older, I will answer their questions, as they come up, as truthfully as possible. Kids let you know how much information they need.

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