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Wow, deep! I think the thing that will most weigh on the minds of our descendants as they look back on the way we lived is how we allowed the destruction of our natural environment. After all, the results of OUR destruction will be a part of their daily lives. They will look back on us and shake their heads saying, "they knew, they knew how wrong it was and they let it happen".


Good point. We all know exactly what to do, but it would make us less comfortable or inconvenience us to do the right thing. It all seems so overwhelming to completely change my lifestyle so as not to harm the environment. And then, I feel so helpless and insignificant. How can teeny little me make a difference in the grand scheme of things? Its hard.


You can really write. I mean REALLY write! Wow!


(blushing) Thanks, Cate!

Ragged Around The Edges

OK< so I am so jealous. Very insightful and deep. Good job!


I went from living in amish-land PA, while going to college, to performing at Disney, the Gay capital of the world. I can remember my college days, being afraid of what I did not know...I am sad to admit that. After five years of living with draq queens and closet-hetero's I moved to Boston. This past year, we Bostonians have been right on the forefront of progression...with that we have witnessed the evil that is hatred posing as God-speak. As a Christian, it breaks my heart to see the hatred and lack of acceptance that is so prevalent even today.

Thank you for writing this. May it someday be true.


ps - sadly, I worked tirelessly to finish my entry before leaving work yesterday, and then I forgot to submit it...but it is there, if you are interested :)

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