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Oh, ick! :)


*groan* That is a truly bad bad joke. Thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to your update!


MMMmmmmmm. That'll learn me for doing my follow-up. Yikes! (Ok, it's actually kind of funny).

Yes, I am looking forward to the updates to the house as well, or whatever it was you decided. In fact, in one of the pixs you had the marmoleum? Well, there's only one dealer in Nebraska, and I'm not paying them what they want to install and drive 100mi. You should've seen the look on the face of the local dude when I asked him about it...picture Forest Gump with a seizure and facial tic.


I've been checking back in to hear the punchline too, and although it's definitely not politically correct, it is, in a weird catch-you-off-guard type of way, kind of funny.

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