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I came out as a blogger to my MOM. my MOM reads my blog. so now that she is privvy to all of my innermost thoughts.. she thinks I'm overly depressed and calls everday. I LOVE my mom.... but... sometimes wish I hadn't told!
A lot of my friends know I keep a blog.. but the only ones who read it are ones who I met through the internet. ;)


yeah, I saw your little disclaimer comment to your mom on a recent post!

I am NOT ready for my mom to read this, although my sister does. But, she knows everything anyway.


LOL. Yes I do read it - but I have to admit, every time I come here I feel like I'm reading that secret journal that I always wanted to read but never could. But I really do just enjoy your writing and love hearing your viewpoint on some of the things that I was actually there for - like the camping trip post had me literally laughing my ass off. =)Of course if you told me not to read it anymore, I would totally respect that. Reading your blog makes me feel connected with you and you are one of the important people in my life.=) Sometimes I come here and you haven't posted and I think - well why didn't she blog about... and am disappointed because I wanted to hear your take.

And no, I don't think mom should ever know. I will NEVER tell. lol.


Sometimes I've actually come out as a blogger too and then people say can I have your address. I did this a couple of times but I always regret it because everytime I do it seems to affect my writing - I don't put something in because I think x may be reading. It's so dumb.

I have just found your blog and I think the work you do with these children is absolutely outstanding.

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