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I'm sorry. :( I was hoping i'd check your blog today, and see some good news for a change. Fucking universe.
You know.. there was a time, that I thought about skipping the last 3 IUIs and going straight to IVF.. but when you actually LOOK at the cost... it's not so bad to try an IUI or two.
Again, I'm so sorry. At least I'll be one page ahead of you in the book, and can tell you how fun it is. haha. not.

Niki Cossaart

I'm glad you decided not to give up!...and...also happy that you have a "plan". The best outcomes are derived from a well thought out plan..and...I truly believe this plan is the right choice/decision for you and yours!....I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!...This is a test you will pass!!..and a baby will be the ultimate reward!..hang in there...and...charge forth with the IVF!!!..YOU CAN DO IT!

Susan / holdingpattern

I'm sorry about the negative result. I hope that IVF goes well for you. I'm starting my 3rd cycle in 3 weeks. Not looking forward to it and all the upheaval to my life, but if it works it will be worth it. I hope.


Me my-self and ur mom

( . Y . )

ya'll need to go suck p00 on a stick

( . ) ( . )

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