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As someone also approaching IUI 4 (assuming my blessed period ever shows up), best wishes to you. My husband keeps saying, "Multiples wouldn't be THAT bad, right?", whereupon I beat him round the head with a blunt object. Yeah, we want kids, but I don't want 2/3/4 at the same time. Ugh. My body ain't built for that.

Anyway, thanks for linking to me, I'm glad I found my way to you!


A friend of mine directed me to your blog. I too was supposed to start the Gonal F shots this past week after 5 years of trying. Luckily I ovulated on my own for the first time so we went the ala-natural route. I am hoping and wishing the best for you and your success!
At least when you are lying there with your butt propped up for 30 minutes you have some great reading material! :)
Good luck!


So excited! I hope this is it for you! :D I also hope for one baby for you... Glad the Gonal F worked well and all but... just one (or two) please! :D

Victoria Winters

Best of luck with your upcoming procedure! And I love your new look here! :)

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