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I couldn't stand it if the doc and nurse we're discussing their shit while in my hoochie. I keep that from happening by talking nonstop about inappropriate things, like shoving the speculum in the docs special place.
Sorry the party sucked ass. We need to have another infertile play date! Infertility tuesdays! Oh.... my barren buddy and i are knitting at Mabels tonight, (and tuesday night too!)..... meeting at 5, if you're intersted!


Oh Joanne! I am so sorry that you have to go through any of this at all! It is so not fair! I am crossing all my fingers and toes for you this time.

Oh, and that would piss me off about the unfaithful co-workers too! I just hate it when people are so bold about their infidelities and make everyone there accomplices to their "crime". V had a friend who would do that and I just wouldn't even speak to the guy it made me so mad.

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