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I started this blog in 2004 as a place to share all the funny stories that needed to be told from my job as a special education teacher. Little did I know at that time what awaited on my horizons. Since then I have been diagnosed with "unexplained" infertility. Four IUI's, one laparoscopy, one pregnancy and one devastating miscarriage at 12 weeks on March 20, 2006 later, my husband, Dan and I have hit a fork on our path to parenthood. We are not sure what our next steps will be: IVF, adoption or keep trying?

Until we make that decision, we are trying to distract ourselves as much as possible with the world around us.

Update: After thinking long and hard, we finally decided to go with IVF, but before we could even start the cycle, I done up and got pregnant. Go figure! so, here we go again....

I am pretty close with my family (for better and worse) and you will hear a lot about them here, especially my adorable niece and nephew who I am over the moon about.

I still sometimes talk about work, but I got a little freaked out when someone I know from work found me here and I realized it would be DISATROUS if any of my students or supervisors found me here. So, now its all about me all the time.

My whole life I have been an ENFP and now it seems I am squarely in the ENTP camp (see link on left). I guess I have changed with age. And, apparently, with my new personality comes a new set of ideal careers. Kind of confirms something I've toyed with for a long time....might be time for some changes....


gardening, books., movies, good food, t.v., everything crafty, enjoying the outdoors